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  • Aimee McDonald Avatar

    This is an awesome popcorn place! Plus a great idea for graduation/army send off party favors ❤ will definitely be back!

    Aimee McDonald 8/04/2019
    Shannon Fish Avatar

    Sweet little shop with wonderful and friendly service! Will definitely be a customer for life!

    Shannon Fish 2/10/2019
    Jeannette Lucey Avatar

    absolutely - it's DELICIOUS!!!

    Jeannette Lucey 5/25/2019
    Renee Robertson Avatar

    What a cute candy and EVERY FLAVOR popcorn shoppe!! the popcorn is so good also!

    Renee Robertson 5/17/2019
  • Danielle Barretta Warren Avatar

    Amazed at how many flavors they had and how yummy some of the unexpected flavors were. Very helpful and attentive staff. Being able to sample a flavor beforehand was awesome. Tons of retro candy and several chocolate covered coffee bean options. Yay! The gift box options were really cool - housewarming, thank you, holiday, birthday, etc. I can see really cool Homecoming Asks with popcorn and candy. Will definitely be back for birthday party favors for my kids.

    Danielle Barretta Warren 2/04/2019
    Jim Engelke Avatar

    What an awesome addition to our town! Randy & his wife have done an amazing job here in Tomball. Sweet folks and amazing selection of popcorn and sweet treats. Great family atmosphere and fun for kids of ALL ages. Can’t wait to visit again! 👍🏻

    Jim Engelke 3/02/2019
    Vanessa Michelle Avatar

    I personally haven't stepped foot inside this establishment, but my coworker brought some goodies for us AND WOW!! I am thoroughly impressed. Super delicious and unique flavors. I can't wait to visit and experience the glory for myself.

    Vanessa Michelle 1/18/2019
    Shannon Ford Avatar

    Delicious gourmet popcorn made fresh daily locally here in Tomball. Amazing flavors from traditional butter to gourmet strawberry cheesecake.

    Shannon Ford 12/21/2018