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  • Jessica Page Avatar

    My Dad stopped by and was so charmed by the place he’s adamant I post this review. They got popcorn in flavors: Banana pudding, red hots, extra buttery caramel, bacon white cheddar, cinnamon toast, & blueberry cheesecake. Each one was a hit with everyone and everyone had a different favorite! They also have a large selection of candies as well.
    He called me to rave about the popcorn AND the people, so I plan on taking my family soon as well.

    Jessica Page 2/09/2019
    Neil Bamsch Avatar

    This place is awesome and right next to brewery which is very convenient!

    Neil Bamsch 3/02/2019
    Amy Verastegui Avatar

    Went there today for the first time and loved it,, friendly ppl popcorn so good cute place to shop for candy πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ­πŸ­πŸ­πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸ¬

    Amy Verastegui 1/18/2019
    Gene Holrod Avatar

    dill pickle is delicious.

    Gene Holrod 1/06/2019
  • Suzy Wilkerson Avatar

    I stopped by for the first time today with my daughter and really enjoyed our experience. Not only was the owner helpful but so friendly and patient as we decided on what flavored
    Popcorn to get. We will definitely be going back!! Wonderful experience

    Suzy Wilkerson 7/25/2019
    Sarah Hubble Shaver Avatar

    Such nice people and all of the flavors I sampled were amazing!! Banana pudding, cinnamon toast and puppy chow flavors are so good!!

    Sarah Hubble Shaver 2/16/2019
    Tricia Miller Avatar

    Amazing service and selection of the most delicious popcorn, candy, and treats! I loved seeing all of the retro candy from my childhood as well as some surprises! Lovely family owned business!!!❀️😍❀️

    Tricia Miller 1/26/2019
    Jeannette Lucey Avatar

    absolutely - it's DELICIOUS!!!

    Jeannette Lucey 5/25/2019