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  • Renee Robertson Avatar

    What a cute candy and EVERY FLAVOR popcorn shoppe!! the popcorn is so good also!

    Renee Robertson 5/17/2019
    Jacqueline Murray Avatar

    The Mac in Cheese is delicious, my 2 year old ate more than me! Can’t wait to try some other flavors 🧀🍿

    Jacqueline Murray 3/23/2019
    Austin Baker Avatar

    This place was awesome! So many options I had to go back a 2nd time in one day.

    Austin Baker 1/27/2019
    Nick Mock Avatar

    It's hard to say what I would recommend because there are so many choices.. you gotta have a lot of self control to come here.. selection and pricing is great. I am a big fan of the strawberry cheesecake popcorn, and cinnamon toast popcorn. Other than that, they have candy by the pound!

    Nick Mock 3/03/2019
  • Andy Laroque Puckett Avatar

    Amazing service . The owners can be found behind the counter even on the weekend! You can tell that there is a genuine pride in this place. I really feel that the GOT popcorn mix I got could literally not have been recreated anywhere else on earth. I think this will be a new tradition for us- buying a custom popcorn mix to celebrate important life events and only this place. I’ve also got the urge to never buy sweets from anywhere else but here to support these guys. And they refused to close the door on us and even people that came after us after business hours. Please don’t bug them after hours, but that definitely proves to me the quality you can expect from this place both in product and quality people.

    Andy Laroque Puckett 5/19/2019
    Catherine Roberson Avatar

    Amazingly friendly owners!! We sampled so many delicious flavors it was hard to chose! Loaded up on yummy treats and will definitely go back again!!

    Catherine Roberson 8/11/2019
    Trenea Taylor Belanger Avatar

    OMG! The popcorn is delicious! SO many goal is to try them all!!

    Trenea Taylor Belanger 3/14/2019
    Hailey Harris Avatar

    This place made me actually like popcorn!

    Hailey Harris 4/01/2019